Educational Mentors

At Montessori, students are not the only people learning. Our teachers observe each child's work ethic and learn their personal interests. By monitoring a child's personality, a teacher can guide individual or group learning activities, custom to the children's innate desires. As mentors, Montessori teachers prepare a conducive studying environment for the students, in which they practice impactful and useful exercises. All activities are planned to inspirationally develop each child's physical and emotional skills.

Hands-on Approach

A prominent highlight of a Montessori curriculum is guiding lessons using concrete materials. All our learning tools are created methodically to teach a valuable skill or concept, and to induce a multi-sensory experience. Aesthetically pleasing designs inspire children to grasp onto the materials and explore their purposes.

Music Class

Music is another form of language, which helps children learn a new mode of expression. Every Wednesday, a Montessori Music Teacher conducts a thirty-minute music session to inspire kids with sounds, while enhancing their cognitive development. Students use their voices to sing to sing-alongs, and their hands to explore new instruments and play musical games. There are songs which allow kids to utilize their gross motor skills by moving to the lyrics, or by responding to the words with their fingers and rhythm sticks. Through sounds, children acknowledge distinct animal noises by listening and imitating with their voices and hand movements. The lion says "RAWR", the cat says "MEOW", the cow says, "MOO", and your child says, "this is fun!". As the holiday season approaches, students learn the holiday spirited jingles. Musical exposure has the potential to improve children's concentration, memory, problem-solving abilities, coordination, creativity, and vocabulary.

Independent and Uninterrupted Work Time

We encourage the children to choose tasks that inspire a personal interest, to keep them engaged and motivated in learning and developing themselves. This approach leads to an independent mindset, as children learn to be responsible for themselves, and respectful to others. To provide students with the opportunity to become familiar with the classroom, and the fun learning materials, we assign work sessions that are uninterrupted. During these periods, students are free to select a material and pursue an activity for as long as their curious minds aspire to. Once they are done, they learn to clean up after themselves, and store the item back where it belongs. This time is vital for the development of their hand-eye coordination, focus, determination, organizational skills, and overall, a sense of independence.

Language Classes - After Care

At Learning Land Montessori, we provide a unique After- Care Program experience. Our goal is to constantly have your children engaged in new learning opportunities, and we carry out that mission even after school. As part of the After- Care Program, we emphasize the power of language. Children are taught the alphabet in Spanish and Portuguese, in a fun and light manner, to enrich their language spectrum. To encourage participation in the exciting learning process, children practice new vocabulary words through music and active games. Kids love learning new classifications for objects. The Sensitive Period is the best time for children to grasp a second language. Students in need of a later dismissal look forward to being a part of our stimulating After-Care Language Program.

School Structures - interactive map

Each area of our school is carefully, and meticulously designed to cater to a child's needs. All learning materials are child size so that kids feel comfortable using them, and succeed at implementing their functions. Our atmosphere is delightful and welcoming. Our outdoor water playground is made of soft floors for safe water play, and our classrooms are customized to nurture the unique curiosity of each child.


Our mission at Learning Land is to liberate your child's potential. We believe that each child is unique, with different learning styles.

Our environment is arranged in such a way that your child can move and explore, which encourages their curiosity and problem solving skills.

Learning Land is here to guide your child in the beautiful process of learning. Our teachers know that a child learns better when family and school are connected. Our focus is to build bridges between these two valuable parts of life to create a better future for your child.

All of our teachers go under Montessori Training.


My son Jesse who is 2.5 years old got to experience this amazing school while on holiday from his current preschool. What a loving and caring staff! And the facility is impeccable. He is having so much fun and learning so much. I would highly recommend to anyone in or near Pompano Beach looking for a preschool. Great job Flavia and to all the teachers who took such good care of my little guy while there, thank you!

Ali Allen

At Learning Land you can drop off your kids and know that they are in good hands and will be learning. Her director and staff are incredible. It definitely feels like extended family. Honestly, you get your monies worth here. I look forward to keeping our child here until he completely graduates from the center.

Kris Thibodeau

My daughter started at Learning Land two weeks ago and I already see a big difference in her behavior. When I was going to pick her up on her prior school, she was always stressed out and wants to go home right the way! Now, since she started at Learning Land, my daughter is calmer, much happier than she used to be and never ready to go home, when I come to pick her up!

Pri Helena

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