What is Montessori Education?

The educational Montessori approach focuses on the importance of establishing a child's independence, and on the development of a child's psychological, physical, and social needs. Dr. Maria Montessori created this curriculum to ensure each child receives individual attention in school to help mold his/her distinct personality. The students are given goal-oriented tasks, which they attempt and succeed at their own pace. We value a child's personal interest. Therefore, we provide them freedom to move about in the classroom and choose a subject or material that sparks a thirst for learning.

The Montessori method splits the genres of education into five different areas. Our curriculum incorporates concrete materials in every area of learning to give life to abstract concepts. When children learn by a hands-on approach they can expand their imaginations even further. In our hands, your children will build their confidence, their sense of respect, and will learn to care for the world we live in.

Maria Montessori History

Montessori education is a unique educational system, established by Maria Montessori. She was a well-versed woman who was an instructor, pioneer, and doctor. Dr. Maria Montessori observed the developmental needs of children from a young age through their teenage years. From her results, she unraveled methods which release a child's natural course of becoming more learned.

The first Montessori school opened in Rome on January 6, 1907. It was called “Casa dei Bambini”, which means “Children’s House”. After growing her Montessori roots in Rome, Dr. Maria Montessori then went on to plant her seeds around the world. She made a marvelous impact on how we teach our children today. Years later, we are honored to be a product of her seed, and to have blossomed from her principles into a school that guides children in discovering how to be the best version of themselves.


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